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It was in the months of June-July 1986 when a Summer Institute for Mathematics teachers of Colleges and Higher Secondary Schools of Assam was being held at Cotton College under the sponsorship of Assam Higher Secondary Education Council. Towards the end of the Course of the Institute, precisely speaking on 18 July 1986, a joint meeting of the resource persons and the participants was held under the chairmanship of the Course Director Dr Tarakeswar Chaudhury. The purpose of the meeting was to examine the feasibility of forming a broad based mathematical association in Assam. The meeting unanimously decided to form an organization with the proposed name Assam Mathematical Association, and an ad-hoc Executive Committee was constituted with Dr Buddha Prasad Chetiya as Chairman, Dr Tarakeswar Chaudhuryas Convener-Secretary, Sri Biswajit Bhagawati as Treasurer and ten other members. All those(about 33) present in the meeting became members of the Association.  .
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